Soccer Camp – 2018

Soccer Camp – 2018

Feb 16, 18
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UK_campSWSC is pleased to be hosting a UK International soccer camp for 2018!  It will be 30 July – 3 August. For more information and to register, go to

Registration now closed for the Fall 2017 season

Oct 01, 17
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Registration is closed for the current Fall 2017 season.

Thanks much to our many volunteer coaches and assistants who are making this season possible.

Picture Day (Sept 16) Schedule for Microsoccer-Grade 8 teams now available

Sep 10, 17
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The schedule for our SWSC picture day is now available at the following link:

SWSC Picture day for Microsoccer through Grade 8 teams is Saturday, September 16 at Rock Creek Elementary (4125 NW 185th Ave, Portland).  Pictures have been scheduled to not conflict with your games that day.

Please be at pictures 15 minutes before your scheduled time.  Wear your uniform (t-shirt for micros). You do not need a ball.

Order/Pay Online Now! While coaches have packets for all players we encourage you to complete your picture order online at (link is to Prepay Online tab) using the access code 02-17188.  Bring your Proof of Purchase or completed packet to picture day. If you are unable to order online and cannot find your packet, more will be available at the school.

Fields are open for practice tonight – Thursday, September 7

Sep 06, 17
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Conditions have improved enough that THPRD is opening all fields for practice tonight.  Coaches have been asked to let their teams know if they are having practice.

Microsoccer is a go for tonight – see you on the fields.

Latest Grade 2-8/HS Rec update

Aug 25, 17
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Schedules are in progress and expected to be finalized by the end of the August.  As soon as they available at, we will send an email to all players and coaches.  Please be patient.

Grade 2-Grade 8 players and parents – Save the date for SWSC team/individual pictures on Saturday, September 16 at Rock Creek Elementary School on 185th Ave.  As soon as the game schedule is released, we’ll put together the picture schedule and send it to all our coaches.

Thanks to the many coaches and assistants who are volunteering their time to our club.  Have a great season!

Microsoccer schedules and field maps available online

Aug 08, 17
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Thanks to all our microsoccer players who came to the jamboree on August 24. We are looking forward to the start of our micro season on Tuesday, September 5th from 5:30-6:30.  Our boys teams will be playing at PCC-Rock Creek and the girls at Somerset West Park.

Field maps and schedules can be found online at the following links:

Maps –

Schedules –

Microsoccer rules are found at the following link:

Remember that pictures will be on September 16 at Rock Creek Elementary.  We should have a picture day schedule by the end of the first week in September.

Registration Update – closed age groups

Jul 19, 17
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Registration for the fall soccer season has proceeded well.  The following age groups/genders are now closed as all the teams at these levels are full.  If you have a player in one of these groups, please send an email to to be placed on a waiting list.  We are also in contact with our neighboring clubs and will be able to tell you if any of them have openings.

Closed Groups:

  • Grade 5 Boys
  • Grade 6 Boys
  • Grade 6 Girls
  • Grade 7 Boys
  • Grade 7 Girls
  • Grade 8 Boys
  • Grade 8 Girls

Registration is still open for all other ages.  As teams/age groups fill up, we will keep this list updated.

Microsoccer Teams will now be gender-specific

Apr 09, 17
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Beginning in Fall, 2017, SWSC microsoccer teams will be gender-specific.  Boys and girls will be placed on separate teams although the teams will continue to include both kindergarten and first grade players.  All other clubs in the THJSL league have moved to gender-specific teams and have reported good results for the players.  Girls will be allowed to be rostered on a boy’s team if requested by the parents.

Fall 2017 Changes for Grade 2 teams and Grades 2-4 games

Apr 09, 17
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A number of changes are being implemented for Grade 2-4 teams beginning in the Fall, 2017 season.  These are being mandated by the USSF Player Development Initiative.

  • Grade 2 teams are moving from having 5 players on the field (including a goalie) to 4 field players with no goalie.  Our clubs will continue to use cones for goals at this level and the size of the field does not change.  Rosters will have a maximum of 8 players.
  • For Grades 2-4, no drop-kicks or punts will be allowed.
  • Grade 2-4 fields will have a “build-out” line half-way between the goal box and center line.  The receiving team will need to stay behind this line until the goalie has placed the ball in play.

Fall 2017 Registration is now open

Apr 09, 17
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Registration for the Fall 2017 season is now open.  Please click one of the the Register Now buttons to take you to the online registration site.  Registration fees are remaining unchanged from the previous 3 years.  For more information, please see the Registration page for your player’s grade level.

For players turning 8 in 2017 and entering 1st grade in the fall and players turning 15 in 2017 and entering 8th grade in the fall, please send an email to to obtain a discount code before registering so that you will be charged the correct program fee.

SWSC Picture Day on Saturday, September 17

Sep 11, 16
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SWSC Picture day for Microsoccer through Grade 8 teams is Saturday, September 17 at Rock Creek Elementary.  Pictures have been scheduled to not conflict with your games that day.

Please be at pictures 15 minutes before your scheduled time.  Bring your completed packet – if you don’t have yours, more will be available at the school.

We will also have Somerset West gear for sale at greatly reduced prices including older jerseys (great for practice gear!) plus umbrellas, blankets, socks, and shorts.

The picture day schedule can be found here:

Microsoccer season starts Tuesday, September 6

Sep 05, 16
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Our microsoccer season kicks off this coming Tuesday, September 6 from 5:30-6:30 at either Somerset West Park or PCC-Rock Creek.  We have posted the schedule and field maps online under the Microsoccer page on our website.

Practices/games will take place every Tuesday/Thursday from 5:30-6:30 until October 20, rain or shine.

Please make sure to wear shin-guards (available at any area sporting goods store) and bring a #3 soccer ball with your name on it.  Also please be sure to bring water!  Please consider volunteering to help with your team – everyone in our program is a volunteer and many hands make for a better experience for all.

Grade 2 – HS Rec Fall Schedules now available – Games start September 10

Sep 05, 16
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The fall schedules are now posted on the THJSL site:  Go to and select Games, then Fall 2016 Schedules.  On the game site, teams will be found under each Club’s name.  Also, there are field location links listed there.

You  will see the Jewelry policy effective for all games.  You must click that you have reviewed these policies before the schedules are displayed.

It is also important to check weekly for updates to the schedule – please make sure to do this throughout the season.

Updated practice schedule

Sep 04, 16
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In September, practice times are reduced by 15 minutes to accommodate the earlier sunset.  The first block is now 5:00-6:15pm and the second 6:15-7:30pm.  For more information, see the full practice schedule.

Registration Update – additional age groups are now full

Aug 31, 16
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The following age groups are now full.  If you have a player in one of these groups, please send an email to the SWSC registrar ( to be placed on a waiting list.

  • Grade 2 boys (space available at Grade 3 if willing to play up)
  • Grade 2 girls
  • Grade 3 girls
  • Grade 5 boys
  • Grade 6 boys
  • Grade 7 girls
  • Grade 8 boys
  • Grade 8 girls


Fall Schedules still in process for Grades 2 through HS Rec

Aug 29, 16
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Please be patient – we know everyone wants to know their game schedule for the fall.  We are working with Tualatin Hills Junior Soccer League and the other clubs in our area and the schedules should be available later this week.  As soon as they are posted, we will let all our SWSC coaches and players know.

Registration Update – Grade 7 Girls and Grade 8 Boys closed

Jul 23, 16
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As we head into the start of the fall season, the following age groups are now full and anyone wishing to play at any of these age levels needs to send an email to to be placed on a waiting list.  Please provide your players name and grade when you email the registrar.

Closed groups:

Grade 7 girls (players willing to play up on an 8th grade team can do so)

Grade 8 boys

We are in contact with our neighboring clubs about the status of their teams at those age levels and will let you know via email if they have space.

Discount codes for Micro players turning 7 in 2016 and Grade 8 players turning 14 in 2016

May 17, 16
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IMPORTANT:  If you have a player turning 7 in 2016 who will be entering 1st grade (playing Microsoccer) this coming fall (usually the kids born between September-December 2009), please contact the registrar at before registering.  Because of changes in the online program, they will be charged the 2nd grade fee.  The registrar will provide you a discount code to use when registering that will result in you only being charged the Microsoccer fee.

Similarly, if you have a player turning 14 in 2016 (usually kids born between September-December, 2002) who will be entering 8th grade, you may be charged the High School Rec fee because of changes in the online program.  Please contact the registrar at before registering to obtain a discount code.

U# naming convention changing in the Fall 2016 season

Apr 14, 16
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Starting in the Fall 2016 season, our teams will be designated by grade rather than age.  While competitive teams are moving to a calendar age placement, our recreational clubs are staying with teams based on player’s grades to allow classmates to continue to play together.  The U# designations are being replaced by G# as follows (G stands for “grade”).  You will not see the U# or the G# designation when you register your player – we will use the entered grade on your player’s registration when creating the fall teams.

Microsoccer – U6/U7 becomes G1 (includes both kindergarten and first grade)
2nd grade – U8 becomes G2
3rd grade – U9 becomes G3
4th grade – U10 becomes G4
5th grade – U11 becomes G5
6th grade – U12 becomes G6
7th grade – U13 becomes G7
8th grade – U14 becomes G8
HSRec – U15/U16/U17/U18/U19 becomes G12 (includes grades 9-12)

Fall 2016 Registration opens on May 1

Mar 19, 16
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Registration for the Fall, 2016 season opens online on May 1. Somerset West serves all players in Kindergarten through 12th grade who live in the attendance boundaries of any of the following elementary schools: Bethany, Elmonica, Lenox, McKinley, Rock Creek, and Springville. For High School players, SWSC sponsors coed teams in the THJSL Fall High School recreational program with a primary focus on players attending Westview High School.

More information is available on the Registration tab.