Player Eligibility

The Somerset West Microsoccer Program serves kindergarten and first grade players. A child must be five years old by August 31, 2016 or starting kindergarten in September, 2016, to participate in the fall 2016 season.

Kindergarten and 1st grade players in the following schools normally participate in the SWSC microsoccer program: Bethany, Elmonica, Lenox, McKinley, Rock Creek, and Springville. However, players from other areas are also welcome to register and play with us.

Rosters and Equipment Distribution

Rosters are finalized and provided to team coaches with their equipment in mid-August. Coaches typically contact their players and families shortly thereafter. All rosters are available online through the online registration site after distribution to the coaches.


The microsoccer jamboree is the kickoff event for the microsoccer season. All players and their families are invited to meet their coaches and teammates and hold their first team practice at the jamboree. The 2016 jamboree is scheduled for 25 August at Powerlines Park from 6:30-8:00 pm. Additional jamboree information will be provided during the summer.


Soccer shoes are not required for microsoccer. Any shoe with a strong (hide verses canvas) upper will do. However, flat sole shoes do not work well on wet fields. Tball/softball/baseball cleats are not allowed.

Tee shirts are provided by the club. Shin guards covered by socks must be worn during all practices and games. However, they’re not supplied by the club. They can be purchased at most local sporting goods stores.

Microsoccer players should also bring a #3 ball to every practice. It is highly recommended that the player’s name be written on the ball in permanent marker (and large letters).

Games and Practice

After the jamboree, most microsoccer teams don’t practice until the season starts. The fall 2016 season begins on 6 September. The format for microsoccer is coed with two year groups on the same team. Each team has 12 players. The season runs for seven weeks. Practices (30 minutes) followed by games (30 minutes) are held on Tuesday and Thursday evenings.

Team Formation Policies

Micro teams are formed according to the Team Formation policies of SWSC. Teams are balanced by gender and age so it is not always possible to meet every request for teammates or coaches. Reciprocal requests (both players requesting each other) are honored whenever possible and every effort is made to keep kids from the same school area together. Coaches are assigned to coach their own children.


No experience necessary! Register online as a coach or assistant coach if you can help. Numerous training sessions are available throughout the area during the summer. Many of the club’s board members are experienced coaches and are also available to help.


Game schedules are developed after the teams are formed. They are provided to the coaches as soon as they’re completed and are also posted on this site.

Field Map

A field map is developed after the teams are formed. It is provided to the coaches as soon as it’s completed and is also posted on this site.

Game Rules

The rules for playing Microsoccer are available in three formats. They can be accessed from the links below.

Microsoccer Rules Adobe Acrobat format
Microsoccer Rules HTML format
Microsoccer Rules MS Word format

More information

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Microsoccer Coordinator.