Spring Soccer – Parents

Somerset West Soccer Club participates in the Spring Soccer league coordinated through the Westside Soccer Club.  Some teams and coaches choose to play in the spring and a special spring league registration and team fee applies.  No additional club registration is required by Somerset West for players who registered in our prior fall league.  Follow the the guidance below if you and your team are interested in playing spring soccer.  It is the head coaches responsibility to work with the club registrar, league representatives and other club contacts to ensure proper team registrations and a smooth spring season.  Parents should communicate their interest in spring soccer with their team coach.

Parent Timeline:

  • Mid October – Discuss your player’s interest in playing spring soccer with the team coach.  It is best to do this before the end of fall season.
  • December/January – When the coach has a final roster count, the league fee can be divided by the number of players and parents should make payment to the coach.  The team registration payment made by mid February will be a single check written by the coach to the Westside league at registration time.
  • March – Game and practice schedules will be sent by your coach.
  • March – Deadline for any kind of roster adjustment (player / coach changes) is April 1.
  • First week after Spring break – Start Practices (one per week).
  • Early April – Start Games.  Note that there may be games rescheduled during the spring season, so it is important to remember that the online schedule is the official schedule.
  • End of May/early June – End of season.



Q: My son/daughter wants to play spring soccer but their fall team is not planning on playing in the spring.  Can I get my son/daughter onto another Somerset West team for the spring league?

A:  If you have this situation, contact the Somerset West registrar at (mailto:registrar@somersetwestsoccer.org).  Other Somerset West spring teams will begin forming in November and there may be an opportunity to get your daughter/son on one of those teams.  If that doesn’t work, you have the fall-back option of registering through the Westside club to play in the spring and still have the opportunity to return to your Somerset West club team in the fall.  Please note that there is an additional player registration fee charged by the Westside club for spring soccer.


Q: I know a player who wants to play on my spring team but they did not register with Somerset West for last fall season, are there special steps for them?

A:  Yes, if the player played with another club in the fall, the SWSC Registrar (mailto:registrar@somersetwestsoccer.org) will need to know the kids name and which club they played with in the fall, so the player can be transferred.  If not, they can register online.  Just have them go to https://secure.sportsaffinity.com/reg/Public/registration/login.aspx?domain=oysa-swsc.sportsaffinity.com&language=english&sessionguid= and click Player Registration and complete it.  The cost for is $25.00 (covers state registration and insurance).  Please have them inform mailto:registrar@somersetwestsoccer.org when their registration is complete.


Q: How much will this cost and do these costs cover everything?

A: The team cost covers everything (games, referees, practice fields, etc).  It may change from year to year and also varies by age group.  The per-player cost will be the total team cost divided by the number or players on your team’s roster.  You should consult with the team’s coach to get the final per-player cost.


Q:  How do I pay for my player?

A:  Write a check to your coach.  The coach will then write a single check for the whole team and deliver it to the league during team registration.


Q: My child is a micro player, can they play in the spring?

A:  Yes, but there are some additional steps for your coach to take.  For micro teams, the Westside coordinator wants the micro coach to contact the Westside office directly (2016 Westside phone number is 503-352-0180).


Q: What is the absolute LAST date that I can add a player to a roster for Spring.

A:  All rosters are frozen on April 1.