Cash Donations

This year as part of the registration process, parents have the opportunity to make a donation to the Somerset West Soccer Club. Donations enable children wishing to play with us but unable to pay the registration fee to apply for a scholarship to participate. In these difficult economic times, we appreciate your support of this program and the positive impact it has on our players and community.

Somerset West Soccer Club is a non-profit 501c3 organization and any donation to us is tax-deductible. If a donation is made in any amount, we will send you an acknowledgement of your donation with our non-profit number which can be used for tax purposes.

Than you in advance for your support. If you would like more information on donations, please contact our treasurer at

Company Programs

A number of our coaches are employees of corporations which support organizations like Somerset West by providing cash payments for each volunteer hour donated to the these organizations. Intel, Nike, and Verizon are three of our local employers that do this. The funds we receive from these companies are used for the betterment of our club services, including such things as coach training and improved equipment.  For the Intel program, we’re listed as Tualatin Hills Junior Soccer League.

For coaches and assistant coaches who are employed by a company that offers these programs, we encourage you to register the hours you volunteer to Somerset West. These funds help us to provide the best possible program to all our players and coaches. For more information on signing up and recording your hours, please contact your company’s HR personnel.