Grade 2 – Grade 8

Who can play

The Somerset West Soccer Club boundaries are the attendance boundaries of the following public elementary schools: Lenox, Bethany, Rock Creek, Springville, McKinley, and Elmonica. All children in grades 2 – 8 (based on school grade beginning fall 2017) living in those attendance areas can play with the Club. State and national soccer association rules preclude restriction of play based on geographic “boundaries”, so children living outside the Club’s boundaries are also welcome to play with the Club.

Players on a Somerset West Soccer team cannot be also rostered/playing on a Classic, or Competitive team during the same season that they are playing on a SWSC recreational team. Players on Developmental teams are allowed to also be rostered/play on an SWSC team during the same season.

The Somerset West Soccer Club programs are affiliated programs of the Tualatin Hills Park and Recreation District(THRPD). All participants in the Club’s soccer programs must have a THRPD ID number to play. Participants living inside the THPRD boundaries can obtain an ID number at no cost. Participants living outside the district boundaries must pay an “Out-of-District” fee to obtain an ID number. This fee can be paid on an annual basis or per season basis. More information about THPRD’s “Out-of-District” fees is available on their Web site at


All teams are formed according to the Club’s team formation policy. For the 2nd through 8th grade program, boys and girls play on separate teams organized by school grade.

Teams are officially formed and rosters finalized the last week of July. Once finalized, coaches begin notifying their players and starting their practices.

Your team roster can be viewed from your online registration account starting on August 1.

Starting fall 2016, our teams were designated by grade rather than age.  While competitive teams are moving to a calendar age placement, our recreational clubs are staying with teams based on players’ grades.  The U# designations have been replaced by G# per the table below.

CHANGE FOR FALL 2017:  Grade 2 teams will now be playing with 4 players on the field and no goalie.  This has been mandated by our national organization.




Players on the field

2nd grade




3rd grade




4th grade




5th grade




6th grade




7th grade




8th grade





The season for the 2nd through 8th grade program begins the first Saturday after public schools begin in September. Most games are played on Saturdays. All G2-G8 teams play eight games. If there are an uneven number of teams, then you may have 9 games including a double-header on one Saturday. Saturday game times vary depending on the age group. The earliest games begin at 8:00 a.m. and the latest in the late afternoon.

Game schedules are typically not finalized until late August. Once they’re ready, the schedules are posted on the League Web site (

Links to the fields can be found in the “”Athletes and Parents Corner>Fields” section of the Aloha United Soccer Club website at or in the Players>Field Locations section of the Milltown United Soccer Club at


Practices can begin in early August but the actual start date is up to each team’s coach. Most teams practice two evenings per week throughout the season. Teams practice on Monday and Wednesday or on Tuesday/Thursday. Practice times vary depending on coach preference and availability. All G02-G08 teams will be limited to one practice per week in the month of October.

All practices are held on school, park, or church fields located with the boundaries of the Somerset West Soccer Club.


Players must wear shin guards and proper shoes at all practices and games. Baseball/softball cleats are not allowed. Players should bring an appropriate size ball and water to all practice sessions. G02 (2nd grade players) use a #3 ball, G03-G06 players use a #4 ball, and G07-G08players use a #5 ball.

Uniforms (shirts, shorts and socks) are issued to all players. They must be worn at all games but should not be worn at practices. The uniform shirt and shorts must be returned to the Club at the end of the season.


All games are governed by rules adopted by the Tualatin Hills Junior Soccer League. The rules, which are modifications of the international rules (i.e., FIFA’s Laws of the Game) are updated annually and provided to coaches and player families online at the website. Practice sessions are governed by disciplinary rules adopted by the Club.